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Georgia & Armenia

Uncover Georgia & Armenia with this brand-new Hidden Photo Tour! This one-of-a-kind workshop mixes stunning landscapes with insane hidden architecture. The trip will be run by two pros: Travel content creator Greg Snell and Architecture Photographer James Kerwin.

Both Greg and James are accomplished Tour Leaders, Photographers, Video Creators, and Travellers. The first Hidden Georgia tour was a great success and this new opportunity expands the hidden locations into stunning Armenia! Interested in joining our brand new trip in 2024? Check out one of the forms below!

AUGUST 29th - SEPT 08th 2024 - €3497*

*All Dinners (and soft drinks), and of course breakies are included!


From the incredible mountain peaks and forgotten monasteries to powerful rivers and epic valley views. The landscapes in Georgia & Armenia are sure to inspire.


We will seek out a mix of iconic interiors and hidden architecture as well as unique locations that we have previously visited and have private access to.

A Fine Art Photographer of Heritage buildings, Abandoned Structures, Relics & Ruins.
A Fine Art Photographer of Heritage buildings, Abandoned Structures, Relics & Ruins.

29th August – 08th Sept 2024 – €3497

New Adventure to both Georgia & Armenia

This exclusive 11-day Adventure Photography Tour includes everything from the breathtaking views in the Caucasus mountains to the hidden architecture and photography opportunities of Northern Armenia. From overgrown forgotten monasteries to former Soviet Culture Houses – Both Georgia and Armenia await. We provide private transport to each of our photography locations (across borders) and this is included alongside all overnight accommodation. We take care of all the bookings, so you can relax and take in our stunning surroundings as well as focus on your photography.




Tbilisi is the capital of the country of Georgia. Its cobblestoned old town reflects a long, complicated history, with periods under Persian and Russian rule. Its diverse architecture encompasses Eastern Orthodox churches, ornate art nouveau buildings and Soviet Modernist structures.

Northern Armenia

A land of haunting beauty and poignant history, where abandoned monasteries stand as silent witnesses to the region's rich cultural heritage. Amongst the rugged landscapes that encompass the Armenian highlands, these complexes emerge, remnants of a bygone era.

Khevsureti Region

This tour includes sightseeing in the stunning mountainous region of Khevsureti, as we visit ghost towns and photograph churches with skulls inside, as well as visits to the historic fortified villages of Shatili and Mutso, each with its own unique location and architecture.


Photography Instructors

Greg Snell

As an avid video producer and photographer Greg documents his adventures through inspiring storytelling on YouTube and award-winning travel photography. He is an expert in cinematic video, travel photography, Adobe suite editing, and drone operation as a fully certified pilot.

James Kerwin

A Fine Art Photographer of heritage buildings, abandoned structures, relics & ruins. James is an expert on the country Georgia after living there for sometime. James searched out the interior photography locations. He is also a talented architecture photography instructor and photo editor.

Be part of this brand new Hidden Photo Tour!



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New Destinations

New Destinations

Georgia & Armenia are incredible destinations for photography and in our opinion have lots of hidden gems waiting to be explored.

Safe Adventure

Safe Adventure

Both Georgia & Armenia are easily accessible with kind people, great accommodation, amazing food, & overall safe and inviting.

24h Guidance

24h Guidance

James and Greg will be on location to help with all things photography, video and of course editing, landscapes and interiors related.

New Departure!

New Departure!

This is another unique spin on photography workshops with a BRAND NEW Hidden Photo Tour! So jump on board now to be part of something awesome!

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Hidden Photo Tours

Created in 2022, hidden photo tours was an idea that came about during a friendly chat between friends Greg & James.