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Discover Cuba with this Hidden Photo Tour, our first to Cuba and a Recce ahead of a full tour launch in 2026. That makes this a one-of-a-kind photo tour. As we go in search of exciting new locations and photography spots, armed with leads and ideas – we undertake an exploration of old Havana, rural tobacco farms, colonial towns, and coastal landscapes. Pro-Travel content creator Greg Snell and Pro-Architecture Photographer James Kerwin will run the trip.

FEBRUARY 06th - 16th, 2026 - €2595

Please contact us below to join the departure in February 2026. Limited space is available.


Cuba is home to some stunning rural and coastal landscape environments. We will explore tobacco farms, lush mountain valleys, colonial towns, and beautiful beaches. All while capturing epic landscape images as we go - we shall seek out a set of stunning locations.


Old Havana is an architecture photography playground. There are dozens of immaculate exterior buildings and other hidden interiors waiting to be discovered. This scouting trip will focus on finding the best of the best in Hidden Havana and beyond.


15th – 25th May 2025 – €2397


An exclusive 10-day Cuba Recce photography tour includes everything from breathtaking views in the rural reaches of the country to the stunning urban environments of Hidden Havana. 

We embark on a journey that will immerse us in breathtaking landscapes and vibrant urban scenes, all while sharpening our photography skills as we seek and search interesting photo locations.

The days will be varied, with some patience required – this is a trip for those with a creative mind and a willingness to capture unique imagery. 



Old Havana

Old Havana's architecture is a rich tapestry of history, blending influences from Spanish colonial, baroque, neoclassical, and Art Deco styles into a unique urban landscape. The cobblestone streets wind past pastel-colored buildings adorned with ornate balconies, intricate ironwork, and grand colonial facades, evoking a bygone era of elegance and charm.

Viñales Valley

Viñales Valley is a mesmerizing tableau of natural splendor, renowned for its breathtaking karst landscape, tobacco fields, and traditional farming practices. Nestled amidst the Sierra de los Órganos mountains, the valley's dramatic limestone formations, or mogotes, rise majestically from verdant tobacco fields, creating a picturesque panorama that enchants visitors.


Photography Instructors

Greg Snell

As an avid video producer and photographer, Greg documents his adventures through inspiring storytelling on YouTube and award-winning travel photography. He is an expert in cinematic video, travel photography, Adobe suite post processing, and drone operation as a licensed EU pilot.

James Kerwin

A Fine Art Photographer of heritage buildings, abandoned structures, relics & ruins. James is also a talented architecture photography instructor and photo editor that has travelled extensively, as well as produced photography tours in Georgia, Lebanon, Türkiye and Romania.

Be part of the first Hidden Photo Tour to Cuba

Testimonials from the first ever Hidden Georgia:

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Not just going out, seeing the scenes and the countryside from a photography standpoint, but getting a full immersion in the culture and having a life experience. Greg and James do a great job of giving a view into a literally undiscovered part of the country most people don’t see.

Art Fernandez

Art Fernandez

Carmel, California, USA

It’s not just about the photography it’s the cultural experiences as well. Travelling around with Greg and James has been fantastic. We’ve had a great time and if you’re up for something like this be sure to get in touch with Hidden Photo Tours.

Graeme Darling

Graeme Darling

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

New Perspectives

New Perspectives

Cuba's Colonial facades are steeped in history & cultural richness. We go, with the intention to seek out NEW perspectives.

Safe Adventure

Safe Adventure

Cuba is easily accessible with kind people, unique accommodation, amazing food & drink, & overall safe and inviting.

24h Guidance

24h Guidance

James and Greg will be on location to help with all things photography, video, editing, landscapes, interiors or travel related.

Best Season

Best Season

May is the best time of year for visiting Cuba. Cooler weather and gorgeous light - so jump on board and join our group in Cuba!

Any Questions?

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Hidden Photo Tours

Created in 2022, hidden photo tours was an idea that came about during a friendly chat between friends Greg & James.